Wooden Sledges 

Enjoy the classic wooden sledge.

Plastic Sledges 

Enjoy the great outdoors with our plastic sledges.

Cheap Sledges 

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Sledges also come in several shapes, different colours and designs, We can offer you different sizes for all the family. Just click on one of the links below where you can view the full range of sledges online. There is nothing better than owning your own sledges. Don't forget to let your friend know about Sledges and Snowboards .co.uk

How to pick the correct sledge

Picking the correct sledge when you are first starting out is a tricky one, to pick the perfect sledge depends on the terrain you want to go on as well as your weight and height. Trial and error when picking a new sledge is what its all about. We can offer you plastic sledges and wooden sledges at very competitive prices. Our Plastic Sledges are the cheaper option, compaired to the vintage looking wooden sledges, but having a plastic sledge will bring you hours of fun as well as being very fast on the snow.